Inside the candidate experience: Mike Monsen's journey on becoming a new FlyMate

Mike, welcome to Flywire! You’ve recently joined Flywire as one of our newest FlyMates (Flywire employees) based in Canada. Can you tell us what it was like going through the recruiting process and becoming a FlyMate?

“Becoming a FlyMate has been a pretty great experience from start to finish. I did some research on Flywire which led me to their social media platforms. They do a great job at showing what the company is all about, their core values, what it looks like to work at Flywire, and who the FlyMates are. During the interview process, it was great to speak to so many FlyMates—they really helped me understand what it’s like to work for Flywire. During my interview, I really appreciated being asked about what my ambitions and goals are, both personally and professionally.”

What ultimately made you join Flywire?

“There were really four things that made me join the Flywire family. First is what I like to call customer obsession. It was clear to me after speaking to FlyMates that they’re committed to delivering innovation to their clients. Flywire raises the bar on customer experience and service. In my opinion, a company will gain wins now and in the future with this commitment to clients. The second thing that made me join was how Flywire delivers real value with the solutions that they offer. They listen to their clients and continue to solve their customers’ challenges. Flywire also has a deep understanding of the markets that they serve. Technology can be a value multiplier and Flywire is moving forward with industry leading tech. Their strategy wins in the short term and dominates long term. Lastly, Flywire’s people and their culture made the decision easy. When I was offered the role, I saw it as a vast opportunity to be working with the right people. It was clearly communicated from the executive team and across the whole company that Flywire’s core values truly exist.”

Do you have any tips for prospective FlyMates?

“My best advice is to just be yourself. If an opening at Flywire aligns with your personal goals and values, be real with the company. They look for authentic people to join them. I would also add that you’re also interviewing Flywire the company, so ask questions about what it’s like to work there. If it’s a good fit for yourself and a good fit for the company, everyone is happy.”