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How to complete my A2 form

Please follow the instructions below to fill out your A2 form for payments to our local account in India. I – Details of applicant: c) Account No: (Include the bank account number you’ll be using to send us the funds) Bank Address: (Include the sending bank’s address) Branch Name: (Include your bank’s branch name) Although the A2 form displays a USD amount, you’ll be sending INR. If you don’t send INR, we cannot process your payment. Additionally, account number is not displayed on this section because that is for internal use only. And please note that the US Beneficiary address is the Flywire headquarter’s address, not the institution’s address. Signature: (Please sign the document) Be sure to fill in the full payer’s name on the Declaration section, and sign and date the form. If the A2 form is not signed, we won’t be able to process your payment. The A2 is a document required by Reserve Bank to transfer funds abroad. As such, not submitting the A2 form could result in delays or cancellation of your payment.

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