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I forgot to include my Payment ID. What should I do?

We can still effectively process your payment even if your Payment ID has not been included. Our Operations Department can match your payment with the sender information provided on the transaction details versus the sender information that you provided in the booking request.

To update your sender information in the booking request please do the following:

  1. Log in to your Flywire account.
  2. Click on your payment ID.
  3. Click on "View all details."
  4. Click on "Edit details."


若您已经付款,但忘记备注付款编号(Payment ID)了,我们会根据您在提交订单时填写的付款人信息与实际付款人的信息来匹配您的付款。如您订单中填写的付款人信息与实际付款人信息不符,您可以登陆您在Flywire的账号,查看“您的付款”- “详细信息”- “查看所有详细信息”- “编辑详细信息”进行更改。