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Can I have an invoice for my payment?

Because Flywire is a payment processor, and not the final recipient of funds, we are unable to provide you with an invoice. Only the final recipient of your funds, in this case your institution, is allowed to issue a formal invoice. We will always provide you with a payment delivery confirmation email that serves as proof of payment delivery to the institution. The payment delivery confirmation receipt will be displayed on your Flywire account and can be accessed by logging in to your Flywire account, clicking “Your payment,” choosing Payment ID, and clicking “Need your payment confirmation/receipt?” You can then download and print your confirmation letter.


由于我们并非是最终收款方,无法提供发票等凭证。您的学费汇款只有学校有权提供正式凭证。但在为您汇款的过程中,Flywire会向您发送汇款的确认邮件,该邮件可作为您向学校汇款的证明。 您也可以随时在您的Flywire账户中获得该确认汇款的证明,具体步骤如下,在“您的付款”当中点击付款编号,然后找到下方的PDF图标,点击“需要您的付款确认单/收据?”就可以进行下载。

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