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可接受的文件格式为PNG或JPG,文件大小限制为2 MB 以内。


Why do I need to upload additional documentation while choosing “Domestic Bank Transfer in RMB CNY”?

Due to local requirements and stricter enforcement of regulations imposed by the Chinese regulator, payers who choose “Domestic Bank Transfer in CNY” as their payment method must upload one of the following:

  • a copy/screenshot of an acceptance/offer letter from their overseas school
  • the payment invoice issued by the receiving overseas institution

This document is required to prove that funds are being sent for educational purposes, and the amount your institution receives needs to match the amount you are making a payment request for.

During the payment process, Flywire will request this document before generating your payment instructions. Once you upload it, there is nothing else for you to do besides make the transfer from your bank. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for Flywire to confirm receipt of your funds. Weekends and public holidays may affect also affect the delivery time.

Accepted file formats are PNG and JPG, and accepted size limit is 2 MB.

Please know that Flywire or its locally licensed payment partner will not be able to process your funds without valid documents. If you cannot facilitate the required documents, we encourage you to select any of our other local payment methods available to you.

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