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The United Kingdom is not my home country. Why is Flywire’s bank account in London?

Flywire makes it possible for you to make payments by wiring funds in your local currency. To enable local payments out of your home country, we leverage a Multi-Currency Account (MCA) in London. This allows us to take care of all currency conversions on your behalf.

To make a bank transfer to this account in your local currency, just follow these steps:

  1. Visit your bank’s website or physically go to your bank with the Flywire wire details we provided when you booked your payment.

  2. Instruct your bank that Flywire needs to receive the funds in your local currency. Note: Funds will be returned if we receive them in a different currency.

  3. Your bank may decide to use an intermediary bank. If this is the case, ensure that your bank knows not to do any additional conversion and to leave the payment in your local currency. Eliminating the need for conversion makes your bank transfer quick and easy for you.

  4. If your bank has questions regarding the transfer to Flywire, show the associate the authorization letter, which you can your biller can provide.