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After I submitted a booking request, the system asked me to upload a tuition invoice issued by the school. What is it and what does it look like?

A tuition invoice is issued by the school and informs the student that a payment is due. It should include:

  1. First and last name of the student for whom the payment is being made
  2. Name and, if possible, logo of the institution where the payment will be sent
  3. The amount of the tuition, deposit, or bill for which the payment is being made

Accepted file types: PNG or JPG
Maximum file size: 2MB
See examples below (the tuition invoice may differ per school)


  1. 付款学生的姓名
  2. 收款教育机构的名称以及 Logo(如果有)
  3. 所需支付的学费、订金或账单之金额。您实际支付的金额不应超过上述文件中所列明的金额。

接受的文件类型:PNG 或 JPG。
您可以在以下查看可接受的样例 (根据学校不同,付款通知可能略有不同)

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