The tailored financial experience for patients & providers

A smarter way to manage out-of-pocket costs

Improve and expedite your revenue cycle

Flywire delivers a positive patient financial experience that works across your various internal departments to enable a continuum of financial care including:

  • Full visibility of international payments
  • Incoming payment tracking and identification
  • Eliminating patient inconvenience of using multiple credit cards to pay a single invoice
  • Expedited refunds
  • Seamless reconciliation

Convenient and affordable payments for patients

Flywire protects international patients from hidden costs by offering local currency payment methods. Both the patient and the provider can track payments from start to finish, and providers can even integrate payments into existing host systems.

Customize your solutions

Flywire allows health systems to construct the most efficient and intuitive experience—from a simple intelligent link to a robust API integration, or anything in between. Select your components from Flywire’s integrated suite to build a customized international payment solution.

Simplify reconciliation and remove logistical hurdles

Flywire’s data validation and batch disbursements automate the reconciliation process, freeing up bandwidth for internal staff, and reducing time and errors in the payment processing.

Manage risk

Every Flywire payment passes numerous security and compliance quality assurance processes. We also eliminate the need for providers to publicize their banking information—preventing unauthorized deposits from other third parties.

Customer support

Assisting patients in real time can be a challenge, especially when they’re in different time zones. Let Flywire’s multilingual support and around-the-clock patient assistance via chat, phone, and email become an extension of your revenue cycle.

What our customers are saying about us
“It’s now a lot easier from a collections standpoint. We’re not limited to business hours. Previously, the finance team would call the patient to get the payment information, then call another department to process the payment, which would frequently get put on hold. Flywire eliminates all this time-consuming communication.”
“Flywire has definitely optimized our international patient payment experience. Our Flywire payment portal has provided our patients—and us—with an easy, convenient, and flexible option for submitting payments.”

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