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在使用“国内银行间人民币转账”时,出现的“you have to pay before X day(您需要在X号之前汇款)”代表什么?

如果我们在您付款订单生成后的3个工作日内没有收到您的款项,Flywire会给您邮件提醒。若您需要延长汇款时间,您可以点击邮件中的“Give me 2 more days”。这样就会为您额外增加两天的汇款时间,在此段时间内您的付款订单不会逾期。
若您没有在邮件中看到该选项,您也可以写邮件到[email protected]申请延期,工作人员会处理您的需求。

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“At the beginning I was not sure and worried because it was a large amount of money, but the people who clarified my questions in the chat were excellent. They explained to me all I needed to know in my own language.”
Mariela from Ecuador