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Flywire saves our travel clients millions on payment fees collectively, all while improving the payment experience for them and their guests.

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Reduced payment costs

Simplified reconciliation

Real-time payment tracking

Safe and secure

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Familiar and trustworthy payment methods
Easy to use
Competitive exchange rates
Around-the-clock multilingual support

It is user friendly for both us and our clients. The options for our clients – credit card, wire transfer & debit makes paying more convenient. The exchange rates are very good too! Flywire payment system has revolutionized our bill/pay process & has also given us a tracking system so we don’t need spreadsheets – yahoo!

Flywire has made our international payment gateway experience simple and efficient for both our company and guests.

We were looking for a way to receive payments from our non-US customers that didn’t require them going through the hassle and expense of making a wire transfer. They can now make payments online without having to go to the bank, and the funds are very quickly deposited into our US bank account.

The payment experience for clients and the invoicing platform are very easy to use. Furthermore, their invoicing system is very practical and makes the reconciling of payments very straightforward.

It made it a lot easier this season to have automated processes to field less calls and spend less hours on handling invoices. We added a link to our invoice, which customers clicked and paid online, creating a more seamless experience.