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Why is there a difference in the payment amount between the credit card option and the bank transfer option? 

When sending money internationally, the credit card method will generally be the fastest method but also more expensive compared to bank transfers as we cannot offer as advantageous exchange rates on credit cards. Therefore, the bank transfer method will almost always be the cheaper option. Payers whose top priority is price will mostly likely want to select bank transfer as their payment method. In Flywire’s credit card option, the convenience fee and FX are bundled into the amount that the payer needs to pay, meaning no hidden fees are applied to the payer’s statement.* If the payment is urgent and price is less important, the credit card option is best. Paying via credit or debit card enables the payer’s institution to receive instant notification that the transaction has been completed from the payer’s end.  *We advise payers to use credit cards denominated in their local currency to avoid charges resulting from the currency conversions. If a dual currency card or a different currency card is used, the payer’s bank may charge a currency conversion fee to send the payment to Flywire.