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I cannot pay the full amount of my payment request because of my Wechat/Alipay/debit card/credit card limit.

We recommend you contact your Wechat/Alipay/debit card/credit card providers and request a payment limit increase to the appropriate amount (i.e., the amount of your payment request with Flywire). You may also create multiple payment requests to book the total amount due to your institution.

Click here to see specific China ebanking limits.

我的微信支付/ 支付宝/ 借记卡/ 信用卡 有单笔或单天的支付限额,怎么办呢?

若您的微信支付/ 支付宝/ 借记卡/ 信用卡 有单笔或单天的支付限额,建议联系您的微信支付/ 支付宝/ 借记卡/ 信用卡 提供商调整支付额度。或者,您可以取消当前订单,拆分成多笔小额的订单。若您无法自行取消当前订单,请您联系我们客服人员并提供您需要取消的付款编号(Payment ID)。


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