5 Tech Game Changers Disrupting Foreign Exchange

peerTransfer was featured in a video post showcasing 5 technology firms disrupting foreign exchange. Watch the video

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another edition of MyCurrencyTransfer TV. In today’s special episode, we’re going to take a look at 5 game-changers, who are building high growth and super disruptive technology businesses in the international payment space.

What do they all have in common? Well, they use technology to simplify a tired, opaque and inefficient international payment process, dominated by high bank margins and hidden fees. Some use a peer to peer model, matching sellers and buyers of currency together via a tech driven platform. This helps individuals and businesses sending money abroad to bypass the banks and score a fantastic international money transfer deal.

The Top 5 Technology Game Changers Disrupting Foreign Exchange are:
1) CurrencyFair
2) Kantox
3) Transferwise
4) peerTransfer
5) Azimo
Penultimately, let’s look at peerTransfer. The company has raised over a whooping $20 million dollars worth of Venture Capital backing. The startup works with educational institutions across the world and provides students with a simple payment solution for tuition fees and college payments. International students lose over $1billion each year through poor rates of exchange and hidden banking fees.

This is where peerTransfer step in, bundling transactions to secure higher volume purchases. Financial institutions can be pretty flakey and opaque when handling customer service. peerTransfer offer round the clock, 24 / 7 support via phone, email and even Skype.

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