Flywire Integrates with Uni-Pay

Payment Week – by Mike Dautner

Flywire is doing more to separate itself from competitors with an anticipated integration with Uni-Pay.

Flywire, known as a global provider of cross-border payments solutions, just today announced that is has completed migration of the Uni-Pay client base onto the Flywire platform.

This comes on the heels of the October acquisition of Uni-Pay, closing the gap between the two user bases. Flywire now serves over 120 schools and universities in the U.K.

The Flywire platform allows for fast, easy tuition payments for over 150,000 international students studying abroad in the UK at institutions like the University of Leeds, Manchester Metropolitan, and the University of Liverpool.

Flywire offers UK schools a simple, secure, and cost-effective method for their international students to pay their tuition as well as other expenses.

The platform is able to process payments from over 220 countries and territories, in about 70 local currencies and grants schools the ability to accept bank transfers, online banking, and credit/debt cards.

All the while Flywire offers students currency exchange at low rates giving them a great opportunity to significantly save.

“Manchester Met provides world class education facilities, cutting-edge technologies and is one of the largest campus-based universities in the UK,” said Paul Sheil, finance manager at Manchester Metropolitan University. “Access to cost effective payment options is essential to our growing international student population. Flywire provides an easy-to-use payment portal allowing students to quickly make payments from their home country, in their own currency, taking advantage of localised banking arrangements, competitive exchange rates and no international banking charges.”

“As the world becomes more global, Flywire is connecting educational institutions with international students by providing the most trusted and easiest-to-use solution for paying education bills globally,” said Mike Massaro, CEO of Flywire. “We’re pleased to be able to offer our industry-leading technology and outstanding customer service to our Uni-Pay clients. The transition has been very smooth thanks to our customers and the many talented people that have joined our team from Uni-Pay.”

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