peerTransfer Expands International Debit/Credit Card Payment Methods Allowing International Students to Pay Tuition and Fees in their Local Currency from 95 Countries

peerTransfer, the leading provider of innovative global payment solutions for the education industry has expanded payment methods to increase currency coverage. The company has doubled its local currency offering, now serving over 95 countries in their local currency, with a total collection capability of over 225 countries and territories.

Whether families want to pay via an international debit or credit card, an e-wallet, online bill-pay or a bank transfer (online/offline), peerTransfer leads this innovation in education, providing the optimal solution to meet the needs of this important demographic. International students and families want the ideal payment choice based on the unique needs and the complexities associated with making cross-border payments.

“We believe that providing a payment experience with choices, that are upfront and transparent about total cost, should be the norm. Our comprehensive payment methods underscore this as we continually work to offer families the best options when paying their tuition and fees,” said Mike Massaro, Chief Executive Officer at peerTransfer. “These expanded methods, when combined with our high-touch customer support and the industry’s first ‘best price guarantee’ demonstrate our commitment to the 475+ institutions we work with and the students and families they serve.”

peerTransfer’s service goes well beyond just payment processing. The company serves as an extension of an institution’s campus providing customer support and advice to international students and families about the best way to pay from each country.

“The customer support team was amazing. They helped me understand the best method to use, whether it was my foreign debit card, my Alipay eWallet or an online bank transfer, based on my needs. This was a huge benefit that I didn’t expect, but now really appreciate,” said Yeuning Wu, a Chinese student from Suffolk University.

The company’s product, used by institutions in the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia greatly improves the international payment experience, offering students and families a cost-effective, easier and better way to pay tuition and fees using their home currency. The expanded payment methods and increased currency coverage added to its streamlined payment reconciliation process truly sets peerTransfer’s award winning solution apart.


peerTransfer is the leading provider of innovative global payment solutions for the education industry. The company enables thousands of international students and hundreds of institutions from all over the world to save time and money when making or receiving international payments. Compared to using traditional banks, students can save on lower fees, enjoy a more convenient online experience, and receive superior customer service when dealing with the complexities of international payments. Institutions benefit from peerTransfer’s free solution because they remain compliant with ever-changing international regulations and save time and money by improving the processing and posting of international payments. The company is headquartered in Boston, with additional offices in Europe.

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