peerTransfer Hits 100th Partner School Milestone and Helps with Spring Tuition Payments from Over 150 Countries

peerTransfer, a leading provider of global payment solutions for international students and their schools, today announced the partnership with its 100th school in North America during Q1 2012, Cornell University. The quarter brought in 37 new partner schools, including UMASS Amherst and Rutgers University, equating to a total of 104 schools using the peerTransfer solution at quarter’s end.

Throughout the last several years educational institutions have been steadily increasing their efforts to attract international students due to the diversity and global awareness they bring to the campus and the classroom. peerTransfer has been a welcomed partner in these efforts in that the payment solution gives international students peace of mind with the reduction of bank fees, 24/7 customer support, local language support and payment tracking capabilities; all the while making it easier for the schools to reconcile these payments.

Marie M., a parent of an Egyptian student from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay recently wrote peerTransfer saying “I learned about peerTransfer from the UWGB welcome package. After I transferred my son’s educational fees through peerTransfer I advised my friends to use this service too. They did it and praised me for recommending an easier way to transfer money for their children’s tuitions.”

To date, peerTransfer has processed international payments from 152 countries across the world; including Venezuela – a country that is notoriously difficult to make international payments from. Students from China, India and South Korea, make up for 38% of the total payments processed. Students find value in peerTransfer’s solution not only in the wholesale foreign exchange rates offered for supported currencies but also the peace of mind gained through 24/7 multilingual customer support, the elimination of intermediary bank fees and the ability to track payments. An Indian student from Mount Holyoke, recounted “the best part of peerTransfer’s service is that I am sure about how much actually reaches the payee. Most times the bank fees charged by routing banks tend to differ among countries.”

Genevieve Bordogna, international student advisor, from Slippery Rock University agrees saying, “All of the students have said it’s so easy and we see the funds in our account a lot faster. I would definitely recommend using peerTransfer if you are looking to streamline your wire transfer process for international students and to save them money.”

Speaking of the growth peertransfer’s CEO, Iker Marcaide, comments, “This past quarter’s growth was the culmination of great commitment from everyone at peerTransfer over the past year. Our goal is to build the peerTransfer solution from the voice of our customers, both our schools and the students. It has proved to be very successful; especially with the education industry being such a tight knit community, the positive word of mouth endorsement circulating from our partner schools and their international community has been extremely valuable for our growth.”

peerTransfer plans to maintain the growth momentum to ensure its solution continues to be the most effective and dynamic in the industry – with the focused goal of helping both its partner schools and their international students navigate the intricacies of making and reconciling international payments in the most efficient way possible.


peerTransfer is the leader in the development of innovative global payment solutions for the education industry. peerTransfer’s solutions have been proven to save schools and their international students a significant amount of time and money when receiving or making international payments. The company offers international students the ability to pay in their home currency and then bundles the payments together to secure wholesale foreign currency exchange rates, which equates to a significant amount of savings for the students. In addition, the free solution helps schools more efficiently manage and reconcile payments via international bank transfers. The company is headquartered in Boston, Mass., with additional offices in Europe. For more information, visit

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