PeerTransfer to Simplify Chinese International Student Tuition Payments

Payment Week – By Mike Dautner

PeerTransfer, a provider of global payment solutions for the foreign education segment has announced that it has applied to operate its services in China for Chinese students studying in the US, Europe, and Australia.

PeerTransfer provides tracking, processing, and reconciliation services for international students studying around the globe. Using online payments, local bank transfers, and credit or debit cards denominated in local currencies, peerTransfer simplifies the payment process for international students.

The company aims to make paying college tuition a convenient and time saving task for foreign students with busy academic schedules.

The firm is expanding into Shanghai and will operate as PingFuFei Commercial Consultancy Limited Company.

This comes as great news for all Chinese scholars studying abroad. In the US, 28 percent of the total number of international students are in fact from China. It is clear that this service will be most accommodating for the growing number of Chinese students studying abroad looking for a simple method for paying their college tuition.

According to Mike Massaro, CEO at peerTransfer, “because of the continuing growth of the Chinese student population attending educational institutions abroad, the time is now for peerTransfer to expand its presence here.”

“We will be able to provide Chinese students and the educational institutions they attend abroad, all of the tools they need to make international tuition payments fast, easy, and efficient. The new office will also enable us to work more closely with our existing Chinese payment and banking partners”

Operating with over 700 institutions worldwide, peerTransfer looks forward to working with Chinese students to help simplify the tuition payment process, and will also provide payments for students from Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Australia

Massaro adds, “We fully expect demand for international education to continue to grow in China despite any short term economic dips. There is pent up demand and recent reforms are making it easier for students to study abroad. We’re very bullish about our prospects in China and across the entire Asia-Pacific region.”

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