peerTransfer and ECSI Partner to Provide International Students With a Payment Solution For Their Entire Education Life Cycle

peerTransfer, a leading provider of global payment solutions for the education industry, and Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI), a leading provider of customizable solutions supporting the entire life cycle of higher education and post-graduation, have partnered to provide a more efficient, cost-effective payment solution for international students and their educational institutions.

The new partnership will give international students at ECSI partner schools the ability to use peerTransfer as a payment processor for their loan repayments garnering the same advantages gained from using peerTransfer for tuition and other school-related fees. The two companies will also integrate International payment options into ECSI’s tuition payment plan offering providing additional value for partner schools.

Iker Marcaide, CEO and founder of peerTransfer, remarks “We are very excited about the new partnership which will provide our international student customers with a solution for the entire life cycle of their education payments – giving them an efficient, easy and economical international payment solution from the time they pay their admissions deposit through to their last education loan repayment.”

”The peerTransfer partnership provides additional payment options to our platform and will allow us to further streamline the loan and tuition payment process”, said Dan Frazier, COO of ECSI. “We are eager to introduce this new feature to our already robust solutions.”

The partnership provides value to both the school and their international students. By providing additional payment options to streamline loan repayment, school administrators expect to see better revolving funds flow and lower delinquencies. In addition, this integrated solution will reduce manual reconciliation work for financial staff while providing a cost-effective and convenient method for international students to make payments.


peerTransfer is the leader in the development of innovative global payment solutions for the education industry. peerTransfer’s solutions have been proven to save schools and their international students a significant amount of time and money when receiving or making international payments. The company offers international students the ability to pay in their home currency and then bundles the payments together to secure wholesale foreign currency exchange rates, which equates to a significant amount of savings for the students. In addition, the solution helps schools more efficiently manage and reconcile payments. The company is headquartered in Boston, MA, with additional offices in Europe. For more information, visit

ECSI provides a full range of customizable solutions in support of the entire life cycle of higher education and post-graduation including Loan Servicing, Delinquency Services, Refund Services, Payment Plans, Electronic Payment & Billing, Business Outsourcing and Tax Document Services. Founded in 1972, ECSI has consistently established itself as the leading provider and partner for the education industry. Our 40 years of experience has always been focused on the education industry providing superior knowledge and expertise. ECSI currently services over 1,400 colleges and universities offering a full suite of intuitive and cost effective solutions. For more information, visit

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