FlyForum Madrid
20 fevereiro 2020 @ 15:00
Madrid, Spain

FlyForumESP by Flywire is an engaging, complimentary event designed to offer education professionals an opportunity to discover and discuss the latest global payment trends, regulations and best practices impacting the education market.

Session Topics

Using Payment Best Practices & Market Trends in Latin America to Better Serve Spanish Institutions

Find out more about best practices and market trends facing payers in Latin America

Navigating Today's Ever-Changing Security & Regulatory Landscape

Discover ways to address cybersecurity, phishing, fraud, PCI DSS regulations and more.

Future-Proofing the Payment Experience

See how clients are solving payment challenges to deliver real-world value and meet evolving needs.

Location & Hours

The Westin Palace
Plaza de las Cortes, 7
28014 Madrid, España

Thursday, 20 February 2020
15:00pm - 19:00pm
followed by a cocktail reception

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