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Common questions about refunds

A refund is the returning of funds to a payer due to inadequate or unfulfilled goods or services, or goods and services that were not provided or not provided as described. For example, a student might request a refund if they withdraw from a class after registration, or may receive a refund if they made an overpayment.

How to request a refund with Flywire

If you made your payment through Flywire, then the refund should also be made through Flywire. If you wish to request a refund of an amount sent to Flywire, you will have to wait until your institution approves and authorizes the refund. Once the payment has been delivered, kindly contact your institution to request the refund. All funds sent to Flywire are considered property of the institution that they are sent to and will always be delivered to them. They will use their discretion to refund the money to the originating account through Flywire. The duration of the refund process depends on the currency and country that we are refunding back. We will always inform you once your refund has been issued. For compliance purposes, all refunds are to be returned to the original bank account from where the payment came from, and no refunds for cash deposits will be processed.