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What do I do after selecting “Domestic bank transfer in RMB" as my payment method?

Once you complete the payment request, the system will provide you with bank account details. Use these details to send us your payment from any bank in China.

A “Domestic bank transfer in RMB” is a local/domestic transfer within China in RMB between Chinese bank accounts. You can do online banking from your bank's website or go in person to your nearest branch to send us your payment. Remember to include your payment ID in the reference field when making the transfer so we can identify your payment upon receipt.


在填完所有信息后,系统会提供给您具体的银行账户信息,您可通过中国国内任意一家银行的柜面或网银向指定账户转账,即,将您所需支付学费的人民币金额通过境内转账汇至指定账户。请注意在汇款附言或用途一栏留下您的付款编号(Payment ID)信息,以避免对您的付款产生延误。Flywire不会记录您的账户信息或主动从您的账户中扣款。

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