Unwavering protection for your business

We are committed to ensuring our systems are secure, compliant, and private, by adhering to the appropriate regulatory requirements.

Commitment to security

Flywire is committed to protecting your data, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our security team is continuously monitoring, improving, and remaining constantly vigilant against risks both internal and external.

That’s why we practice Defense in Depth, a security principle focused on keeping content secure throughout our entire environment. In other words, instead of just securing the end-points, we keep your data locked down at every level.

Some of the measures we take
Defense in depth
Annual penetration test
On-going vulnerability scanning
Annual SOC II security audit
Application firewall
Third Party attestations
Input validation
Annual PCI DSS external review



Level 4 Certification with third-party attestations.


Supporting our information management process.

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Experience & compliance

  • AML

    Flywire has a robust anti-money-laundering and counter terrorist financing program.

  • PSD2

    Our PSD2 certification ensures greater security and transparency for payers using our platform.