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Which currency exchange rate will be applied to my payment?

Exchange rates change quickly and constantly. Therefore, you need to compare Flywire’s rates with other comparable options at the same time. We hear from payors who turn to websites like YahooFinance,, and Reuters to find up-to-date currency exchange rates. However, the quotes provided by these media sources are “mid-market” rates which are not available for individuals, but rather are the published rates for currency purchases over $1 million US dollars. Additionally, we are able to provide you competitive exchange rates by grouping payments together. This larger volume of payments then enables us to leverage our scale to get improved wholesale rates for our payors. When sending money internationally, the credit card method will generally be the fastest method but also more expensive compared to bank transfers as we cannot offer as advantageous exchange rates on credit cards. Payers whose top priority is price may want to select bank transfer as their payment method, but if the payment is urgent and price is less important, the credit card option is best.