Future-proof your collections process

Proactively collect on more past-due accounts internally, reduce your collection agency placements, and ultimately keep more students enrolled.

As part of Flywire’s comprehensive receivables solution, A/R Collect (formerly UCollect) enables institutions to collect past-due funds that would otherwise be lost. This innovative past-due receivables management process automates pre-collections, internal collections, and agency placements so you can easily manage and collect on outstanding tuition and fee actions.

Increase efficiency, improve retention
A/R Collect can increase your institution’s operational efficiency and improve student retention by enabling you to:

Engage with students via the contemporary communication channels they prefer

Reach out to students when there’s a gap in their ability to pay

Customize payment terms to meet students’ unique financial circumstances

Rescue delinquent accounts and avoid collection agency fees

Accelerate cash flow while saving time and resources

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Rescue funds, reduce delinquent accounts

Flywire helps you rescue funds that would otherwise be lost by reducing the number of delinquent accounts that would ultimately need to go to collections by up to 20 percent. Use A/R Collect to reduce the amount of accounts you send to collection agencies by instead engaging with at-risk students through targeted, multi-channel communications and presenting them with manageable payment options.

Anticipate behaviors, customize messages

A/R Collect helps you anticipate your students’ payment behaviors before they ever miss a payment. Use this information to deliver customized, impactful, and timely messaging through our automated communication hub, and enable your staff to negotiate personalized repayment terms with at-risk students so you can keep them enrolled and in good standing.


通过在合适的时间为学生发送合适的消息,Flywire A/R Collect 可以减少收款过程中的账户欠款,同时提高现金流和学生保持率,而且不会加重员工的工作负担。

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