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How do I add a payment to my Flywire account?

Even if you book a payment on Flywire without logging in to your account, you still have the option of adding it to your Flywire account. This allows you to then track and manage your payment status payment from your account.

Why you should add your payment to your Flywire account.
Managing your payment is easier when it’s been added to your account. You can check on the status at any time and manage multiple payments at once, and your payment information will be saved and stored within your account. That means that the next time you make a new payment on Flywire’s site, your payment information will be auto-filled after you log in.

If you do not add the payment to your account, you’ll need to save a tracking link in order to see your payment’s status. If you have multiple payments, you would have to save multiple links. The tracking link also expires after 21 days, so if the payment isn’t added to your account by then, you may lose track of it.

How to add a payment to your Flywire account
To add your payment to your account, follow the steps below once you have finished booking your payment:

1. Click “Add payment button” on the right side of the page. (If you cannot find this page, you can access your payment via the tracking link in your “Track your payment” notification email.)

2. Log in to your Flywire account or sign up if you don’t have one yet.

3. Once you are in your account, your payment will be automatically added to your Flywire account.

4. You can track and manage your payment in “My payments” under “My account.”