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I sent my domestic bank transfer in RMB. Why are there no updates on the website to reflect this?

For "Domestic bank transfer in RMB", payments are normally posted to your dashboard approximately 24 hours after we receive the funds. You will be notified of this via email. In some cases, especially weekends, this may take up to 72 hours. If you don't see the dashboard updated or receive an email confirming receipt of the money after 72 hours, please contact our customer service by sending an email to [email protected] with your payment ID and proof of payment.


若您选择“国内银行间人民币转账”的付款方式,在您付款后我们需要对您的付款进行处理才能向您确认,一般我们会在您付款后大约24小时(如遇假期或周末则向后顺延)确认是否收到您的款项,给您发送确认邮件并更新您的付款状态。若您在付款后72小时(如遇假期或周末则向后顺延)都没有收到确认邮件,也没查到付款状态更新;请您将您的付款凭证发到我们的客服邮箱 [email protected] 并备注您的付款编号 (Payment ID),我们会尽快为您调查。

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