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What do I need to know about the A2 cum LRS Declaration?

Under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS), the Indian government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) now require an LRS Declaration form (fully titled “A2 cum LRS Declaration”) to transfer funds abroad.

However, if your payment is a domestic bank transfer equalling the INR equivalent of $5,000 USD or less, and you select the "Domestic Bank Transfer of Less Than INR Equivalent of $5,000 USD" option during the Flywire booking process, you do not have to fill out an LRS Declaration form, as this information is collected as part of the booking process. You also do not have to submit a valid proof of national ID, as your Permanent Account Number (PAN) will be validated in real-time during the Flywire booking process. Please note, the payment must be made from the PAN holder’s account.

Note: The following information applies to the "Domestic Bank Transfer in India Rupees" payment option.

What about the A2 form?
The A2 form has been updated to fulfill your LRS Declaration requirement. We will provide you an LRS Declaration form with full instructions on how to complete your payment each time you use Flywire’s services to make a payment from India. Please complete and provide your form according to the specific instructions in your payment request every time you send money abroad.

How do I complete my LRS Declaration form?
Please fill in the following information on your declaration form:

Section I

This section will be automatically populated based on the information you provided in your payment request. except for the Account No.

Section II
You are not required to complete the fields in this section.

Section III
This section will be automatically populated based on the information you provided in your payment request.

Section IV
If you are making an RTGS, NEFT, IMPS or wire transfer, select “Direct Remittance.”

Section V
You are not required to complete the fields in this section.

Note: Because you are making your payment via Flywire, we are considered the beneficiary. This is why the address of our Boston headquarters is listed here. However, your payment will be delivered to the recipient you indicated on your payment request.

Section VI

Please provide the details of any foreign currency transactions you have made during the current financial year.

“SI No.” refers to the order of the payer's foreign currency transactions within the current financial year (ex., 1, 2, 3...)

"Date" refers to the date when you made a transaction in a foreign currency.

"Amount" refers to the amount of the transaction you made in a foreign currency.

"Name and address of AD branch" refers to the name and address of the bank where you have an account that you used to make a foreign currency transaction.

If you have not made any foreign currency transactions during the current financial year, you can leave this table blank.

Declaration section

Please sign under “Signature of Applicant”

Our partner in India will sign the “Certificate by the Authorized Dealer.” Please leave this blank.

After you have completed the sections listed above, scan your form and your ID and email them to the address we provided in your payment instructions.

How do I deliver my LRS Declaration?
The LRS Declaration form must be filled out by the individual from whose bank account the payment will be made. Failure to submit the form could result in delays or cancellation of your payment. You can submit your completed form along with your valid national ID (passports, driver's licenses, voter IDs, and Aadhaar cards are all valid forms of IDs).

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