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How do I send Flywire my funds from India?

Once you make a payment request, you'll be provided with a prefilled A2 form as well as given access to our bank instructions. These bank instructions, which you can retrieve at anytime through your Flywire dashboard, contain all the necessary bank account details you need to complete your payment. The A2 form is a document required by Reserve Bank to transfer funds abroad. You can send your payment through either National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) or Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS). Once your payment is complete, you must also submit your A2 form to our local partner in India (please note this is a mandatory step). Instructions on how to submit your A2 form will be provided with the payment request. The sender of the payment is required to fill out and send the A2 form along with your payment and valid proof of national ID. Not submitting the A2 form could result in delays or cancellation of your payment. Click here for detailed payment instructions.

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