At Flywire, safeguarding your payment is our highest priority. In the environment we operate in, fraudsters continuously devise new methods to deceive individuals into either disclosing sensitive information or stealing their funds. These malicious actors may impersonate banks, government entities, education consultants or even close family members and friends to lure you into sharing confidential details.

Learn to protect yourself against fraud!

Below are some common indicators of fraud:

  • Requests for sensitive information such as bank account numbers, login passwords, SMS One-Time Passwords (SMS OTP), ATM or credit card Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) or Card Verification Value codes (CVV).

  • Presence of incorrect grammar or typos in emails or text messages from the fraudster.

  • Urgent prompts to act quickly, often claiming that your account has been compromised.

  • Offers that seem exceptionally advantageous and too good to be true.

Below are some tips to protect yourself from fraud:

  • Before processing any payment, ensure you review the payment details thoroughly
  • Regularly check SMS messages, email notifications and app notifications from your bank or credit card provider for any signs of suspicious activity

  • Exercise caution when receiving calls, emails, or SMS messages from suspicious or unknown sources.

  • Do not click or open any suspicious links or attachments before verifying the sources

  • Do not share sensitive information such as passwords or bank account details without first verifying the identity of the requestor

If you believe you are a victim of fraud, promptly contact your local authorities and your bank.

Protect yourself from fraud by exercising caution and remaining vigilant. Always consider your actions carefully to avoid falling victim to fraud.

For any questions regarding your payment processed with Flywire, please do not hesitate to contact us using the directory available on our website