Client Spotlights - Hub

Around 10 percent of the world works in travel and tourism. We all heard the cry to #ShopLocal and support our neighborhood businesses, but what about the global picture? We urge you to rebook your travel, instead of canceling your trip. Your continued commitment to the travel and tourism industry will help support countless people and communities, and ensure that when the world recovers, these operations still exist for you to enjoy.

At Flywire, we have the opportunity to work with incredible clients in the travel industry. These are uncertain times for the world, but their resilience, innovation, and adaptability inspires us every day. We are highlighting some of those clients and their stories in our new Spotlight series. If you are a member of the travel community, we hope you find ideas to help your business weather this storm. And if you’re not, we hope you find the location for your next trip!

As the @thepointsguy so succinctly illustrated on Instagram...don’t you want to have your vacation booked when it’s safe to travel again?