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Every patient’s financial situation is different. When patients are treated as individuals it’s easier for them to understand and act on their medical bills

The Digital Revolution in Healthcare Payments is Here

Insight and analytics

Deep analytics & machine learning accurately match patients to the right payment and affordability options to meet their individual needs.

  • Using data, predict a patient’s capacity to pay
  • Predictive power gets increasingly smarter with more data captured
  • Drive better results by learning from patients responses and interactions

We are competing for the patient’s attention in a really big way. Flywire is our consumer partner with unique expertise and technology to engage patients and enable payment.

Personalized engagement

Starting at pre-service, personalized payment plan offers based on patients’ capacity to pay, provide an intuitive, patient-centric experience.

  • Activate payment plan offers on pre-service estimates and post-service balances
  • Use intelligent communications to drive workflow based engagement
  • Present one consolidated bill across multiple accounts

La oferta automática de términos de planes de pago personalizados hace que nuestras operaciones sean más eficientes y permite a los pacientes acumular saldos múltiples en su plan de pago actual sin llamadas incómodas y que requieren mucho tiempo. La solución P2PE de Flywire es un componente crucial para la captura segura de datos de tarjetas en toda nuestra organización.

Bi-directional Integration

Open architecture enables integration with all of your current tools and processes.

  • Proven integration to match workflows native to host EHR systems, like Epic and Cerner
  • Flexible payment posting and cash management
  • Lockbox integration allows automated payment plan activation from a paper check

The board at Penn Highlands loved when I presented Flywire and we showed the sign-in page that looks like an Amazon cart. I said, ‘If you’re used to Amazon—and everybody is very comfortable with that digital platform—why would putting your credit card number in this be any different?’ The light bulb went on for a lot of people.

Cross-border solutions for international patients

Simplify the payment experience for international patients with our patient-centric cross-border solution.

  • Familiar payment choices & FX rate transparency
  • Quick, safe delivery of funds & payment status
  • Multi-lingual payment support

UCLA is not having to turn down patients that ask if different forms of payment are available to them. That is a significant benefit to international patients.

Action and results

Drive consistent ROI and track improvements through shared analytics dashboards.

  • Real-time transparency into self-pay financial performance
  • Manage key performance indicators that drive accelerated cash collections
  • Monitor satisfaction and engagement effectiveness

See what a new Total Economic Impact™ study shows about Flywire’s ROI for health systems.

Al ofrecer automáticamente términos de planes de pago personalizados y activación de autoservicio, los pacientes no tienen que llamar y solicitar un plan. Esto proporciona una gran experiencia al paciente, a la vez que hace que nuestras operaciones sean más eficientes. Y con el aumento de pagos con tarjeta de crédito, la solución de pago integrada de Flywire nos permite capturar, almacenar y procesar de forma segura los datos de las tarjetas en toda nuestra organización.

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