[Case Study] Galangal Travel

Galangal Travel is a destination management company based in Madrid and running tours in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. As a luxury experiential travel company, Galangal’s guest experience is fundamental to their success and ability to grow. But challenges with payment processing were proving to be costly and less than user-friendly, stunting their growth as a business.

[Case Study] Galangal Travel


Galangal previously used a payment platform with an acceptable guest experience, but very high processing costs on every credit card transaction. Meanwhile, international bank transfers were stressful, confusing, and costing the business hundreds of euros every time. The whole arrangement was costly and inconvenient for both Galangal and their clients.


Galangal chose Flywire to improve all aspects of their payment experience. Now, Flywire makes payments easy and straightforward for both Galangal and their clients. “There are no hidden fees. We receive exactly what we bill, and our clients see precisely what they’re paying in their own currency,” according to Joel Malo, founder of Galangal Travel. “With Flywire, we can now comfortably offer the ability to pay via both credit card and bank transfer, knowing that it is easy and clear for our clients to make transfers in their own local currency.”

Implementation was simple too. The Flywire team provided support and assistance every step of the way. Overall, Galangal says it took 2-3 days to get set up and familiarized with the easy-to-use platform.

“For us, the experience is everything,” says Malo, “and Flywire makes ours and our clients’ experience far better than before. On top of that, we’re saving money. Since we started using Flywire, we’re saving about 3% on each transaction. On our first booking alone, we saved €500 using Flywire. It’s just great.”


  • Galangal avoids the high transaction fees of their previous payment processing solution and can use the significant savings to fuel growth.
  • Clients save hundreds of euros on transfer fees when making their booking.
  • Improved payment experience now meets Galangal’s luxury travel standards.
  • Reduced time and stress accepting international guest payments, allowing Galangal to focus on what they do best.
We would definitely recommend working with Flywire. Not only for the obvious financial benefits and improved guest experience but also their excellent client support. Our account manager is always available and helpful to provide answers to all our questions. Billing and payments have become a luxury experience for us too!

Joel Malo
Founder, Galangal Travel

Meet Galangal Travel

Galangal is a luxury travel company that focuses on creating emotions rather than making trips. At Galangal, they’re avid researchers with a spirited approach to travel, crafting unusual and extraordinary journeys worldwide. Their trips are thoughtfully planned, based on quality, exclusivity, and personality, thanks to their exclusive network of contacts, Galangal has the expertise and local know-how to design and deliver truly unique trips. Learn more and plan your journey at www.galangal.travel/.

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