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Bringing digital innovation to the rural environment

Penn Highlands Healthcare

Established in 2011, Penn Highlands Healthcare has quickly grown to 150 locations across the central and western Pennsylvania area including, 6 acute care hospitals, 2 long-term care facilities, and over 150 physician practices.

Bringing Digital Innovation to the Rural Environment

Finding the right elements to foster digital adoption is difficult no matter where you are but can be particularly challenging in the rural environment where most of the Penn Highland facilities are located.

Needing a digital financial experience that was easy-to-use, focused on self-service, and used the latest learnings from across consumer industries to foster adoption, Penn Highlands partnered with Flywire to drive greater consumerism into the financial journey. The partnership has delivered. Penn Highlands has seen greater adoption across its patient population, including seniors who had before been hesitant to use the digital tools available to them.

Creating an Amazon-like, Billing & Payment Experience

An easy way to understand financial responsibility

In listening to their patients, Penn Highlands found that they wanted the ability to easily understand the total balance that they owed, but the health system previously didn’t have a way to offer consolidated billing. In partnering with Flywire, patients now have access to an online portal they can visit to view their total responsibility and a breakdown of charges.

A convenient, easy-to-use payment experience for patients

Patients can not only view consolidated bills and financial history but make payments, all in one place with an online portal built to facilitate self-service.

Complete billing insights for staff

Penn Highlands staff can view outstanding balances, past billing experiences, and additional visits. A complete look at the patient’s financial history right at their fingertips.

Affordability through intelligent insights

Using Flywire’s AI-driven insights into a patient’s financial capacity, Penn Highlands automatically presents patients with financial offers that help them manage their healthcare expenses, motivating them to take action.

Proactive patient engagement

In an effort to reach every patient and help guide them through the billing and payment process, Penn Highlands’ tapped into Flywire’s dynamic, omnichannel engagement platform that adapts to each patient’s preferred methods of communication, ensuring that they’re always delivering the right message at the right time along the financial journey.

Digital Innovation in the Payment Process Yield Fantastic Results

137%increase in payment plan adoption march to April
$626average plan balance
8 monthsaverage payment plan term

The board at Penn Highlands loved when I presented Flywire and we showed the sign-in page that looks like an Amazon cart. I said, ‘If you’re used to Amazon—and everybody is very comfortable with that digital platform—why would putting your credit card number in this be any different?’ The light bulb went on for a lot of people.

Heather SchneiderSenior Vice President & System Chief Financial Officer, Penn Highlands Healthcare
Senior Vice President & System Chief Financial Officer, Penn Highlands Healthcare

Proof Patient’s Love it

4.1/5 stars billing satisfaction score

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