Get paid on your hardest to collect bills with financing directly in Flywire

Enable patients with interest-free, non-recourse patient financing integrated into Flywire's seamless payment experience. Elevate collections, eliminate servicing burdens, and empower patients with long-term affordability. Ready to accelerate your revenue?

Welcome to a new era in patient financing

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Best for Patients

Terms tailored to each patient’s unique financial needs
Hassle-free enrollment process without separate credit applications or high denial rates
Complete visibility into active financed plans and past bills in Flywire
Convenient management of existing payment plans in Flywire with the ability for patients to add eligible bills to an existing financed plan
100% of patients qualify with no interest, late charges, or hidden fees
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Best for Providers

Eliminate the liability of servicing long-term payment plans in-house with immediate funding for all risk tiers, powered by Flywire's partner PayZen
Offer patients facing financial challenges an affordable payment option, ensuring accessibility to healthcare services
Streamlined payment process for financed plans, minimizing patient responsibility and optimizing revenue
Comprehensive management of in-house and financed payment plans by Flywire's expert team

How it works


After unexpected hospital stays, many patients are worried about high costs and want to manage the expense effectively.


Flywire analyzes over 200 data points and recommends a payment plan that is either provider-funded or financed based on their capacity to pay and term length.


With Flywire, a patient receives a notification with their affordable offer through their preferred channel.


Easily set up an interest-free financed payment plan online, verifying their personal details.


Providers receive non-recourse funding when a patient makes their first payment — helping them effectively manage the bill and focus on their health.

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