Q&A: Simplee Joins The OHA

Simplee is proud to announce our partnership with the Ohio Hospital Association.

We are honored to be a part of this incredible Association. This is great news and naturally you’re going to have some questions, so let’s answer them!

Q: So, Why the Ohio Hospital Association?

A: Great question.

The OHA is the united voice for hospitals in Ohio and one of the strongest state-level hospital associations in the country. Members of the OHA discuss hot-button topics that matter most to Ohioans.

For the past decade, patient financial care has been in flux due to new guidelines and growing patient unease related to increased healthcare costs. Hospitals continue to adjust their strategy to meet patient demands.

At Simplee, we believe creating a better patient financial experience should be at the forefront of those conversations. Due to national outcry the CMS and other agencies have moved to provide legislative guidelines on how patient financial experience should be handled. In addition, a comprehensive patient financial experience program’s impact on patient satisfaction has been proven time and again.

With substantial history in this space, Simplee saw an opportunity to join in meaningful conversations around affordability, price transparency, and patient financial experience with health systems in Ohio.

Q: Awesome! Can you give me some more details on the OHA?

A: Of course, we can!

Established in 1915 by hospital leaders, the OHA represents the collective voice of hospitals in the state of Ohio. When advocating on behalf of its 236 hospitals and 14 health systems, the OHA is involved in everything from health policy to economic sustainability.

The real mission of the OHA is to “collaborate with member hospitals and health systems to ensure a healthy Ohio.”

Becoming a corporate partner of the OHA provides Simplee an opportunity to participate in statewide issues that affect Ohio hospitals and their patient populations.

Q: Wow, you guys must really like Ohio…

A:Actually, we do.

“Having grown up in Ohio and now working here in the region, Ohio has some of the most passionate and forward thinking hospitals in the country”, said Tim Bridge, Regional Vice President at Simplee.

Patients agree. Ohio had over 33.7 million patient encounters last year. The quality of care in Ohio is continually ranked among the highest in the nation with patients even coming from out of state to receive services.

Even in Ohio, the growing concern around rising healthcare costs and patient demand for higher levels of financial care and consideration are being felt.

Hospitals need to develop a sustainable patient financial experience strategy that is both flexible enough to adapt to changing demands and firm enough to fit into a long term plan. Every day, Simplee helps health systems like Kettering Health Network and many across the nation build these strategies and meet changing patient needs.