Flywire's eStore providing digital commerce capabilities

3월 18, 2021

Boston-based Flywire Corporation, a global payments and software company, is launching the Flywire eStore, an online platform that provides a seamless, secure e-commerce experience for clients and their customers, according to a press release.

The benefits of the eStore includes: flexible payment options; trackable reporting and monitoring; an all-in-one solution that allows administrators to shop from one cart instead of multiples and a secure and compliant experience.

"Our clients are increasingly looking to consolidate their systems and vendors in order to achieve greater operational efficiencies," CTO David King said in the release. "We developed Flywire eStore in response to customer demand for one holistic payment provider that can automate processes ranging from tuition expenses to on-campus events. Now, Flywire is their one-stop-shop for capturing transactions ranging - from tuition payments, to e-commerce transactions."

Purpose-built for both administrators and compliance officers to easily and securely set up and manage, Flywire eStore enables organizations to capitalize on revenue opportunities such as course supplies, university conferences and events, housing deposits, athletic fees and more.

"Wesleyan University originally partnered with Flywire eStore to allow for greater control and a more visually appealing interface in our online store, as well as to accommodate small revenue streams with the ease of one portal," Valerie Nye, controller of Wesleyan University, said in the release. "However, the remote work environment of a pandemic has prioritized making Wesleyan a cash-less and check-less campus, and thanks to Flywire eStore, we are well on our way.

"This product has helped to substantially improve process efficiencies and reduce financial risk. It has eliminated the hassle of processing paper checks and allowed Wesleyan quicker access to funds. High-volume, low-dollar transactions are virtually automated, allowing staff to focus on the University's core revenue streams."

Flywire offers its 2,250+ clients more than 250 payment methods and processes, and payments in more than 240 countries and territories around the world.