Fighting Financial Crime & Fraud

Crooks on Campus is an innovative new campaign created by We Fight Fraud (WFF) and supported by us, to educate and prevent university students becoming money mules and falling victim to other forms of related financial crime and fraud.

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Centered around a bespoke episode of a crime drama series ‘Crooks’, and supported by digital resources, the campaign looks to educate and interact with students virtually and on-campus. Our work, especially around AML in the sector, made supporting this campaign an easy decision and a natural fit in that it will help make it harder for fraudsters and criminals to launder and move their funds (including where they are involved in making payments to universities).

Complete the form to get access to a replay of the Crooks on Campus launch event and sign up to We Fight Fraud’s academy portal, where you can view the full episode of the Crooks drama and access the free toolkit and digital resources, to roll Crooks out to your students at a time and in a way you feel will have the most impact.

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