Once-in-a-Lifetime Travel Experiences: Wildlife

Sydney Banks
Sydney Banks
is Senior Account Executive at Flywire

We all want to see friends, family, and other humans again post-quarantine, but aren’t you also a little curious to know what nature has been up to since we all started hibernating indoors? I know I am.

Here’s a list of five of the top experiences that let you do just that. Before we know it, it will be time to get back outside and enjoy this beautiful planet of ours. Read ahead to see the exciting wildlife viewing experiences that you can plan now to enjoy in the future. Note: Even when social distancing guidelines are relaxed - make sure to maintain a healthy distance from these majestic creatures!

1) Watch grizzlies and black bears scavenge for food at Nimmo Bay

Flywire’s amazing client, Nimmo Bay, offers the ability to view the coastal bears of British Columbia in their natural habitat, with their Bear Viewing packages. Go deep into the Canadian woods and watch as Grizzly bears emerge from the forest to fish for salmon, or as black bears amble along beaches foraging for food, all while learning about wild bear ecology from local experts.

2) Spot the beautiful birds of Costa Rica with Tropical Birding

This tiny Central American country has a large and rich assortment of birds unequalled by any other country its size. With tours offered by Tropical Birding, you can combine rest and relaxation with sights of these beautiful birds for yourself. Never birded before? No problem. This is the perfect adventure to introduce you to the hobby of Neotropical birding, while providing a relaxing vacation in a tropical paradise.

3) Spend time among families of gorillas in Uganda with G Adventures

On this bucket list experience from G Adventures, you can trek deep into the lush hills of Uganda with a primatologist to see chimpanzees, gorillas, and golden monkeys. Set off from a beautiful home base on daily gorilla treks where you will track these beautiful endangered animals, learn about conservation efforts in the region and get closer to them than you could possibly imagine.

4) Adventure through the savannah on a South African safari with Traversing Africa

Work with the experts at Traversing Africa to create a bespoke adventure to Southern Africa where you can adventure through National Parks and game reserves to see animals ranging from lions, to giraffes and zebras. I was lucky enough to spend six months in the beautiful country of South Africa and riding through the savannah and coming upon an elephant walking with its baby was an experience I won’t soon forget!

5) Hunt with the eagles in Mongolia thanks to Blue Sky Escapes

There are around 250 eagle hunters left in the world with most residing in the vast land of Mongolia. With their eagles perched on their arms, these hunters ride horses to the top of the hill for a better vantage point before releasing the birds to hunt foxes, rabbits and occasionally wolves. Witness this 4000 year old tradition and experience a truly unique adventure by booking a journey with Flywire client Blue Sky Escapes.

Remember: every day is one day closer to your next adventure!