Affordability and engagement driven by analytics

When it comes to your patient’s financial journey,
one size doesn’t fit all.

Solving the affordability problem

You can’t solve for affordability unless you know what your patients need. Flywire’s responsive billing and payments platform leverages deep analytics and machine learning to understand your patients capacity to pay, their preferred method of communication, and where on their healthcare journey we need to meet them, placing them on their best path to financial success.

Strength in numbers

Without the right fuel, your analytics platform can’t take you anywhere.

How effective a machine learning model is depends on the size and the quality of its data. Backed by the data points from millions of patient interactions and the expertise of the founders of the patient financial care movement, our proprietary analytics system is the most robust in the healthcare industry today.

1Mnew data points collected daily
2.5Mnew bills generated per month
$1.5Bin payments processed per year

Tap into a wealth of insights and automation

Our proprietary predictive analytics system offers a tremendous opportunity for revenue cycle leaders to fortify revenue streams and increase profitability by achieving better customer experiences, revenue attainment, cash acceleration, and securing stronger competitive differentiation.

Guided by our back-end data and insights, you can feel confident that the collections strategy you’ve chosen is the right one. Even better, you can automate the entire process, creating a fully digital, self-service experience for patients that allows them to manage their payments from anywhere.

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Matching your patients with the best offer to meet their needs

Our unparalleled access to data allows us to have deeper insights into patients than any other patient financial engagement platform on the market. 3 out of 4 patients choose our affordable options when presented. That number continues to grow daily with each happy patient served.

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A platform built on results

A strong analytics platform doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t drive results. Our patient financial engagement solution has proven to be instrumental in driving key revenue cycle metrics at some of the largest health systems in the country, including Banner Health and CommonSpirit Health.

  • 65% increase in self-service adoption
  • 10% decrease in staff-generated plans
  • 50% increase in payment plan creation

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