Collect payments in 140+ currencies from global franchisees with ease

As your brand expands across the globe, collecting fees from franchisees quickly and tracking incoming payments can be challenging.

Let Flywire handle it.

With Flywire for franchisors, your A/R and Treasury teams can make it easy for customers to pay you in their preferred currency, settle payments in your preferred currency, and automate reconciliation processes.

Don’t spend the time and effort piecing together and maintaining costly payment infrastructure and bank accounts for collecting international franchisee payments.

Business Tech Benefits

Elevate your brand by providing your franchisees and back-office finance team with:

Automated and digital invoicing with flexible payment methods in 140+ currencies, 240+ countries
Limited FX risk, and automated currency conversion
Around-the-clock multi-lingual payment support for your franchisees (30 languages across the globe)
Step-by-step onboarding led by CSM and implementation teams

Delight your team with an easy-to-use solution for managing global franchisee receivables

We provide a one-stop-shop for global receivables, from invoicing, to receiving, to reconciliation and settlement, including flexible payment options and competitive exchange rates.

Implement best-in-class A/R processes

You can use Flywire for B2B as a standalone invoicing and reconciliation tool, to deliver exceptional payment experiences and drive best-in-class A/R processes. This includes support for managing subscription billing and recurring payments.

Integrate with your existing ERP or invoicing system

No matter how your A/R team is managing franchisee receivables today, Flywire’s flexible API and pre-built ERP integration bundles, such as NetSuite, connect international receivables with your existing workflow. You can also leverage Flywire’s proprietary invoicing management software.

Access an on-demand team of global payments experts

Rest easy knowing that Flywire’s global payment team is continuously evaluating emerging payment methods in each market, tracking changes in regulations, and negotiating new payment relationships on your behalf.

Enhance your brand and franchisee relationships with local payment options

At Flywire, we combine our vertical software, payments platform and fully compliant payment network.. This gives you the power and flexibility to offer local payment methods to your global franchisees. The best part? We mitigate FX risk and you receive your guaranteed invoiced amount each and every time.

What franchisors need to know about cross-border payments

Whether your franchise is global today or you are looking to expand into new markets, having a better understanding of cross-border payments is key to your growth. We put together a guide on the FX landscape, cross-border receivables, and considerations for franchisors expanding internationally.

Read the guide to learn more.

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