Streamline your invoicing and payment process for sponsors and other third parties

Flywire’s third-party invoicing solution helps institutions easily and securely create, issue and track invoices to engage sponsors and encourage timely payments.

Third party invoicing block

Flywire streamlines the third-party invoicing process by enabling you to:

Automate third-party and sponsor communications and invoice distribution
Capture domestic and international payments from sponsors around the world
Accelerate sponsor billing and invoice payment
Speed reconciliation by posting payment data to your system of record
Reduce the time spent following up on partial payments to drive efficiency
Ensure activity is tracked in a common portal for both institution and third-party sponsors and organizations

Delivering world-class results

40%decrease in time spent manually reconciling payments
up to 40hours saved per week
30%fewer third-party payment inquiries
up to 70%increase in tuition collections
1,000+sponsors & third parties enrolled

Experience the Difference

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  • Your school's needs
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