Embracing Change: How to streamline your collections process to better serve students

Are you ready? The New York Fair Debt Collection Practices Act recently went into effect, impacting how higher education institutions are able to collect past-due payments. As many institutions struggle with manual resource-draining collections processes that lack transparency, we need to be forward thinking as an industry and together find innovative ways to navigate the road ahead to help keep students enrolled. In 2024, these challenges should be a thing of the past. Collection Management software is available and helps institutions overcome the ancient process of tracking debts on paper or even in excel.

In this informative panel discussion, NYSOBBA and Flywire speak with Columbia University and SUNY Oswego regarding ways your institution can take steps to automate and streamline collections to improve cash flow while optimizing the student experience.

In this webinar, you will learn best practices and the benefits of automating collection management, which include:

  • Optimizing students’ ability to easily repay and re-enroll
  • Accelerating cash flow while saving time and resources
  • Increasing visibility via robust admin tools and reporting

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