Maximizing CX in cross-border insurance payments

Navigating global insurance payments isn't easy, yet payments play a pivotal role in customer experience (CX) given they are the most frequent and important insurance interaction. When we look at the traditional approach to cross-border payments, the complexity and high costs can leave you short of meeting customer needs while risking churn.

Join our webinar where we'll delve into the importance of CX in cross-border insurance payments and provide strategies to elevate your cross-border insurance payment process to maximize customer satisfaction.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Challenges in the insurance market and why CX is a critical differentiator in this competitive landscape
  • Why traditional payment approaches are falling short of meeting customer expectations
  • How Flywire's solution is helping the industry localize insurance payments to improve global collections and drive customer retention


  • Matt Teumer, Director, Strategic Accounts, Insurance at Flywire
  • Robin Ingle, President of Ingle International
  • Jason Reddington, Director, Global Partnerships & Segments - Insurance at Mastercard UK
  • Marcelo Campos, Director of European Operations, IMG

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