[Case Study] Ian Taylor Trekking

Ian Taylor Trekking is an award-winning travel leader, running quality treks, climbs, and mountaineering trips around the world. With over 150 expeditions a year to most of the world’s mountain ranges, they serve a global clientele. And while they had mastered creating personalized, memorable, and quality experiences, they needed to extend that level of service to their payments process.

Ian Taylor Trekking


Because Ian Taylor Trekking is headquartered in the United States but runs tours around the world, it was costing clients hundreds of USD in transfer fees and a lot of stress to pay for their expeditions. Beyond that, the payments Ian Taylor Trekking received into their account were $10 -$25 USD short, as the intermediary banks would take out additional fees. As a small office, they did not have the time to navigate the complex arena of global payments.


Ian Taylor Trekking now utilizes Flywire’s platform to provide their own payment portal for international guests. Clients can now choose from a range of local, familiar, and easy ways to pay while saving on costly transfer fees.

With Flywire’s solution, these payments are easily collected and deposited into Ian Taylor Trekking’s US account with no deductions, foreign exchange rates surprises, or hidden fees. The solution works for them and their clients and allows everyone to focus on a safe and memorable journey.


  • Clients save hundreds of dollars on transfer fees when making their booking
  • Ian Taylor Trekking avoids hidden fees from intermediary banks
  • Improved payment experience for guests
  • Reduced time and stress accepting international guest payments.
We would recommend working with Flywire! It was minimal work to get set up and we have already seen financial benefits. More importantly, we have made paying better for our clients abroad!

Laura Taylor
Owner, Ian Taylor Trekking

Meet Ian Taylor Trekking

Ian Taylor Trekking is an award-winning company, running high quality adventure treks, climbs and mountaineering trips around the world. They have full time staff in Nepal, Tanzania and Peru and specialize in run trips to Everest Base Camp, Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, Island peak, and Mera peak as well as over 150 trips per year to most of the world’s mountain ranges. Learn more and view upcoming treks at www.iantaylortrekking.com

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