Through the Eyes of International Students: A look at UK Education Payments in 2022 & Beyond

WPM, a Flywire company, has been conducting research into the payment experiences and preferences of international students since 2017, with the aim of helping universities understand the payment choices and experiences of their students. In late 2021, we surveyed over 1,600 international students and held focus groups to better understand their payment needs as well as the challenges they experience, and also to get a sense of how payment technology trends and developments are taking hold.

We found a lot has changed post COVID-19 – and UK universities need to prepare. This research report explores the payment experiences and preferences of students from three key markets: China, India and Canada. In it, we look at:

  • country-specific payment preferences and needs
  • changes in payment preferences over time
  • ways institutions should evolve their payment processes and technology in order to best serve these students

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