Conferences & Events

Here is a list of our upcoming events and conferences, which are open to all UK clients.

Payment Security & Compliance Conference

25th and 26th of June 2024

Join us for the leading payment security and compliance event for the higher education sector. This will be a jam-packed event full of insights from industry experts and peers in the education sector and will include panel discussions, workshops, presentations, and fantastic opportunities to network. We will look at the latest insights from the PCI Security Standards Council, learn from institutions implementing payment security programmes and identify best practices and also cover topics such as AML, fraud and risk management.

Flywire International Payments Summit

19th November 2024

Join us at Flywire’s International Payments Summit to explore the whole international student payment journey in the context of an evolving education ecosystem. This is your chance to discuss the role of agents, institutions, partners and organisations in better connecting and supporting our international students. You’ll also have the unique opportunity to meet, share experiences with and learn alongside industry peers and key cross-departmental institutional stakeholders.

Further details will be available shortly.

Flywire Annual Conference & Awards Ceremony

5th - 6th March 2024

Join us for one of the most anticipated events of the year where you’ll be the first to hear about: the latest market and product updates, on-the-ground country and student journey insights, what’s on the horizon, and emerging trends shaping the future of our sector. You’ll get the incredible opportunity to join a multi-day conference, network with 200+ industry peers, and take part in a memorable black-tie awards ceremony recognising institutions’ key achievements.