Let's talk about Ambitious Innovation

Samantha Mackowitz
abril 6, 2022
Samantha Mackowitz
is Social Media Manager at Flywire.

At Flywire we define our values by the virtues and behaviors that shape them. These values guide us in all that we do - in hiring, performance, and day-to-day interactions with both FlyMates (Flywire employees) and our customers.

In order to promote our values and share how our FlyMates uniquely interpret and live them each day we decided to interview 12 FlyMates around the globe.

Get to know Cesar Carrion and Nicole Ng a little better and find out how they define Ambitious Innovation.

We define Ambitious Innovation as the following; we understand there’s always room for improvement. It’s all about thinking, questioning, developing, and changing.

We continuously look for ways to deliver more and new value to our customers, partners and people. We are leaders not followers, curious and open-minded, we recognize there is always room for improvement and strive for excellence and welcome new ideas.

For a full list of Flywire’s values head over to our values page.

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