Eliminate paper checks and overnight mail from your 529 disbursement process

Connecting 529 Plans to Flywire’s 529 Disbursement solution speeds delivery, improves accuracy and increases payment security, while eliminating inefficiencies caused by manual payment processes. With a few clicks, digital payments can easily be made to education institutions and tracked in real-time.

How 529 Plan managers benefit

Eliminate paper checks and mail carrier timelines to speed delivery

Reduce costs and errors that come from manual processes

Increase account holder confidence and satisfaction with real-time tracking

Expedite and automate accounting and settlement processes

Flywire education 529 staggered

How education institutions benefit

Reduce checks and inbound mail for greater security and process efficiency
Automatically receive digital payments and speed reconciliation
Increase accuracy with unique student identifiers on every disbursement
Reduce service inquiries and requests as a result of real-time tracking

What providers are saying

  • At Ascensus, we build solutions to make it easy to manage a 529 plan throughout the lifecycle of an account. Our partnership with Flywire, the leading payments provider for schools around the world, demonstrates our continued commitment to offering leading edge technology solutions for our clients.

    Peg CreontePresident, Ascensus Government Savings
    President, Ascensus Government Savings
  • To date, we have electronically processed 2,000+ Flywire 529 disbursement payments through an automated feed into our SIS. We estimate our time savings to be nearly 74 hours so far this year as a result of Flywire’s 529 disbursement solution. This solution definitely meets the needs and expectations of our students and families.

    Tim RileyUniversity Bursar, Purdue University
    University Bursar, Purdue University

    Learn how Flywire helps you streamline the 529 disbursement process by enabling digital payments directly to education institutions.

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