Love the benefits of Flywire?
Become a champion and start earning thousands today

Travel businesses who use Flywire to streamline their guests’ payment experiences see many benefits, like lower transaction and processing fees and time saved when accepting payments. Travel clients can use those funds and other resources to reinvest in their business and focus on what really matters: providing exceptional guest experiences.

Now Flywire's travel clients can share these benefits with others in their network, while continue to improve their own bottom line. Through Flywire’s new Champions program, travel clients can earn more cash - including a signing bonus - simply by referring travel businesses to Flywire.

Champions can earn thousands of dollars and help strengthen their network at the same time.

$1kupon joining the Champions program and making three qualified referrals
$4kmax reward per Champion for each referral who begins using Flywire

How it works

After you become a Champion, simply introduce us to your qualified referral via e-mail. (We’ll provide a recommended email template to help.)

Once your referred travel business has successfully completed sign-up, onboarding, and processed a specific volume of payments through the Flywire platform, the reward will be directly paid out to your business.

Flywire travel bounty staggered

How Flywire can help your referrals:

Significant savings on payment processing fees
Transparent and fair FX rates for international payers
120+ currency options via multiple payment methods (card, bank transfer, Paypal, and more!)
Free invoicing, payment request, and checkout features for a seamless payment experience
Dedicated account manager, and 24/7 multi-lingual payer support

Refer new clients, earn more cash.
It’s a win-win.

Reach out to your Flywire representative to become a Flywire Champion today.