5 ways Flywire supports you beyond the payment process

Kelli Accardi
Kelli Accardi
is Relationship Manager at Flywire.

Attending NAFSA this year was a rewarding experience, as always. Connecting with my clients and fellow colleagues in the field of international education is a yearly highlight for me. As a former international student advisor, I know working in the International Student Office means you are the main resource for international students on campus. Advisors need to have a basic knowledge of everything that affects international students, and in my own experience, students would often come to me with questions about money and payments.

In my current role as a Flywire Relationship Manager, I provide universities and International Student Offices with the international payment resources they need, so they can offer their students the best service possible.

Beyond the payments process, here are 5 ways Flywire can help your International Student Office:

1. Providing expert advice and content on international payments

Not only does Flywire equip the International Student Office and Bursar with basic knowledge of international payments, but we provide information that helps students as well. Oftentimes, students’ parents or families are paying for their education, so it’s important to provide them with the appropriate information on how they can pay before their student arrives in the United States.

2. Attending your institution’s orientations

We’re available to attend on-campus orientations, which allows us to given an overview of your institution’s international payment process for your new students. It also gives students the opportunity to come directly to us with any questions they have about payments to your institution through Flywire.

3. Keeping your students safe

Students can make their payment from the safety of their own dorms, or their parents can do this wherever they’re located around the world. According to Kristen Zerneck, Assistant Director for Intercultural Programs at the University of South Florida, “It’s so relieving to know the international students at USF won’t have to walk around campus with thousands of dollars of cash on them to pay for their tuition and fees. Flywire makes this possible and gives me peace of mind to know my students are safely paying for their education.”

4. Eliminating financial holds for students

If your students can’t pay, they won’t stay—and as an advisor, that’s the last thing you want for the international students attending your institution. Registration holds can often prevent students from registering for classes, which can then affect their visa. Giving students a streamlined and local payment experience helps avoid any holds that might be put on their student account.

5. Delivering first-class customer service

We understand navigating the complex world of international payments may be overwhelming for students and their families, especially as they experience the multitude of emotions that come with studying in another country. This is why we provide a translatable payment experience and multilingual customer support, located in time zones around the world. We want to help serve your students and families, in their own language, and their own time zone.

When the university or International Student Office is asleep, our customer service team is working to help your payers. This helps your international students and their parents work within their native time zone, so families don’t have to wake up at odd times just to connect with the university’s hours.

At Flywire, we understand the impact the payment experience can have on the overall international student experience. That’s why we work closely with universities and International Student Offices to bring our expertise to your students. If you’re interested in learning more about how to leverage your institution’s relationship with Flywire, reach out to your designated Flywire Relationship Manager!